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High Purify Container Desiccant Dry Packs For Logistics

High Purify Container Desiccant Dry Packs For Logistics

Container Desiccant can control the environment humidity in those containers using in sea transportation, air transportation and so on, and then the dew point temperature in the containers can always be kept lower than the environment temperature outside. It can prevent products from rust, mildew, condensation of moisture and so on.

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High Purify Container Desiccant Dry Packs for Logistics

l With super strong moisture absorbing ability, the Maximum of moisture-absorption can be over 215% of its own weight.


l Turns to solid after moisture absorption and it is easily to judge the moisture-absorption effect.


l Keep long time absorption ability and can fully take effect in long time and distance shipment.


l Consider to convenience,we use a design of hanging it on the container cliff.


l Non-toxicity, no harm,can be disposed as normal waste.

1) Question: 

   why need to use desiccant to protect your cargo when shipping. 


   It's a long time shipping when you choose to go by sea. 

   The temperature is great difference between 0 and 80centigrade, 

   so the Relative Humidity can be moved to approximately 98%. 

   When the temperature comes down, the moisture is released 

   from the air and condenses on the cargo. 

   It will cause mold and damage the cargo. 

   So it needs to place right container desiccant(calcium chloride desiccant ) to control the humidity. 

2) Choose high efficient desiccant 

    Silica gel desiccant is widely used by everyone now.  But,actually, silica gel desiccant is not the perfect choose  for using in container. Because the absorption capacity is only 32%-36%,  it will need to place a lot and the space will limit.   Container desiccant can be reached to 200% even high, few pieces will be enough.

3) Leakproof and double package 

    Tyvek ,non-fabric paper and color box of package make it safely use.  After absorb moisture, it will turn to gel directly.

4) Environmental friendly 

    Do not contain DMF  Comply with REACH ,ROHS regulation

5) Usage: 

    Tear the plastic bag and hang it inside container is OK.We will also depend on your cargo and advice the actually quantity you needed.

container shipping desiccant

container desiccant dry pack

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