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The Feature Of Desiccant Packing Paper
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The desiccant packing paper should be of strong strength, permeability, and heat sealability. Currently, the main desiccant packing fabrics are filter paper type, non-woven fabrics, composite paper, Net paper, OPP fabric, and Tyvek paper etc. To choose the papers we should according to their features and products itselves.


The filter paper has the performance of good air permeability, but ash leak. It is suitable for small pack silica gel, while montmorillonite clay not, because montmorillonite clay is not so strong enough, and easy to leak ashes.


Non-woven fabric is air permeable, adhesive, however, be easy ash leak too. We usual use non-woven fabric to pack silica gel beads, hardly montmorillonite clay. The net textured paper is an ideal packaging material. It has good permeability, high strength, good dustproof performance and wide application. The price is in the middle between composite and Tyvek.

The Aiwa paper is similar to OPP in transparent appearance. It is very good in permeability, smooth surface, and heat sealability. Because the ink can be printed inside, so it is very safe in foods and pharmaceuticals.

The DuPont paper, commonly known as Tyvek is an ideal fabric for packing desiccant with

high strength, folding resistance, tear resistance, antistatic, good permeability and other features. Besides, the Tyvek paper is dust proof, very suitable and beautiful for packing desiccant. So, it is a little expensive in price.


When choose the papers, we also need to according to the industry and grams. Large weight desiccant packing need fabrics that has high strength performance, Electronics product should consider anti dust and static performance; Foods &pharmaceuticals, safety, clean and strength; metals, craft products, permeability and continuous packing, tensile strength, cutting toughness of the packing materials.